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MP02 Alexandra Vase and Lid, Circa. 1890 (Height 29 cm)

Royal Creamware Fine China

Rich in history and tradition, Royal Creamware offers you an exceptional opportunity to appreciate the heritage of 18th Century British Ceramics with the enduring appeal of a Collection that will become both a family heirloom and a sound investment.

Each unique piece of Royal Creamware is meticulously crafted as original. Specifications with the body, glaze, colour, design, weight and size of each piece being precisely as it was when it first graced homes across the world over 230 years ago.

The beauty and delicacy of Royal Creamware has consistently captured the imagination of Royalty from as early as 1760 to the present day and is set to continue in this majestic tradition. Creamware encapsulates all that was and still is excellent about British Ceramics, as the authentic Royal Creamware back stamp on each piece testifies. Royal Creamware presents a magnificent Collection that will excite both Connoisseurs and those who simply enjoy refined beauty and elegance, instilling a sense of pride in ownership of exquisite pieces that will appreciate and be treasured by future generations.