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MP02 Alexandra Vase and Lid - Masterpieces
Royal Creamware’s perfection and superb artistry is no where better appreciated than in the Masterpieces Collection. Ten exquisite pieces capture the incomparable quality of Creamware which has excited generations. Masterpieces are poised to become treasured heirlooms and investments for the future.

Masterpieces features intricate and lavish pieces that illustrate the immense wealth of craftsmanship and heritage possessed by Royal Creamware. Uniquely created to original 18th Century specifications, each Masterpiece is individually hand pierced and delicately coated in translucent glaze. There soft colour, stunning design, weight and size is precisely the same as it was when first produced during the 18th Century

Thus creating a Collection with a considerable appreciating value being highly sought after and widely coveted by Connoisseurs and collectors alike. Indeed Royalty has been a patron of Creamware since its creation; Royal Creamware today continues this rich tradition.

Each of the Masterpieces is individual and incorporates its own original backstamp personalised with the maker’s initials, paying testimony to its intrinsic value and artistic heritage.

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OR20 Griffin Candlestick & OR21 Ewer - Originals
Imaginative and intricate, the Originals Collection captures the very essence of Royal Creamware’s artistic heritage and exceptional skills.

Rich in originality, this Collection features over twenty superior pieces that will capture the imagination of the discerning collector. Royal Creamware’s ingenious and delightful hand piercing and translucent glaze are skilfully created precisely to the 18th Century specification. Each piece has the exact body, weight, size and design detail of the original.

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OC04 Sweetmeat Tray - Occasions
Your selection from Royal Creamware’s Occasions will turn any event into a celebration. Its elegant fine china with its captivating translucent glaze and exquisite hand pierced designs make it a sought after gift for a cherished occasion.

Friends and family will doubtless be delighted to receive one of the many Royal Creamware pieces featured in the Occasions Collection. Few gift collections boast such a rich heritage as Occasions.

Each piece is skillfully crafted to the original 18th Century specification, so its body, glaze, colour, design, weight and size is precisely as it was over 230 years ago. Creamware has long been considered a gift for Royalty, a tradition Royal Creamware will continue.

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TP04 Carriage Clock - Timepieces
With all the tradition and handcrafted detail of the 18th Century this range of beautiful, top of quality Creamware Timepieces features a mix of fluted columns, floral design, scrolls pierced openwork patterns.

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LU04 Griffin - Luminaries
The enchanting qualities of light and shade illuminate the sheer beauty of Royal Creamware’s Luminaries. Luminaries present a truly unique collection of lamps taken from exceptional, historical Creamware pieces.

These extraordinary detailed Royal Creamware bases combine with subtle shades to complement perfectly the intricate hand piercing and translucent glaze. Experts from around the world have acknowledged Royal Creamware’s adherence to original detail and accredited each piece accordingly. Indeed each piece is created precisely to the original 18th Century specification, presenting a collection of lamps of exceptional quality and rich heritage, that will become a much talked about experience in your home.

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CL38 Oil & Vinegar Stand - Classics
Royal Creamware is a true classic of exceptional quality and international stature with enduring appeal and elegance.

Your investment in the Classics Collection of highly collectable tableware pieces ensures a sense of history is rarely experienced so readily in the home.
From elaborate tureens to fabulous dinner plates each piece of Royal Creamware Classis is created to the original 18th Century specification, so its body, glaze, colour, design, weight and size are precisely as those found gracing the tables of an 18th Century home.
Similarly, Royalty has enjoyed the exceptional workmanship of Creamware since 1760, a tradition Royal Creamware will continue.

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Limited Edition Teapots

VAM03 Limited Edition Teapot

Limited Edition Teapots
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DEC02 Water Bottle & Basin (Chintz Design)

Decorated Water Bottle and Basin

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Photograph Frames

PF01 Rope -7" x 5" Photo
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